Wine lovers and their frustrations

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We all have that group of friends who are just not as big of a wine fan as you, and just don’t understand all there is to wine. Yes, we are speaking of the friend who buys you a bottle of your least favourite cultivar, and the cheapest brand. shared “15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover” and we loved it so much, we just had to share it! Here are some of our favourites, but click here to see the full post.

1. Someone drinks your special wine when you’re not around.



3. Finding a wine you love and then finding out it’s sold out.

Learn tactics for buying wine in 4 wine buying tips everyone should know



4. Never having enough space for food in your fridge.



5. Showing off your wine collection makes you feel like a schmuck.

Is your wine worth cellaring?



6. Storing a bottle for years and finding out it’s gone horribly bad.

What wines last the longest? Find out in 4 traits of wines that age well



10. You just don’t know how to react when people accuse you of being a wine snob.

What type of wine drinker are you? Check out these 10 types of wine drinkers



13. Your coworkers look down at you when you drink a glass of wine at lunch.

How about some ammo in your defense. Here’s a great article about wine and your health



14. You just don’t understand how people can get away with drinking crappy wine.



15. No matter how you imagine it,


too much wine is a bad thing.



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