Wipe that wine off your smile!

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After partying the whole night through with your favourite red wine, you get home, look in the mirror, and find that you have been walking around with the darkest red stained teeth for most of the night! But what causes it and how can you prevent it?

Red wine is a tasty mix of natural dyes, acids, and tannin, three ingredients that work together to etch and stain your teeth. The shockingly red wine teeth you see in your mouth after a marathon of zinfandel tasting is mostly a coating of dyed saliva, but there can be some long-term dulling effects from a chronic diet of dark, acidic wines.

The acids in the wine can actually effect the enamel on your teeth–one of the reasons it is not recommended to brush immediately after drinking wine. The softened teeth can be eroded by your vigorous hygiene, so you should rinse–and wait a bit–before scrubbing those purple teeth. This is actually true of white wines too, but without the deep color it is a less obvious issue. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to drink some water after a wine sipping marathon to purge the acids from your mouth. The tips below will help you increase your resistance to red wine teeth stains.

~ WineFolly

Tips on Preventing Red Wine Teeth Stains from WineFolly

  • Drink Sparkling Water
  • Skip the White Wine
  • Brush Your Teeth Before Drinking WineFortify your teeth
  • High Fiber Food Pairing
  • Eat More Cheese

Read more on WineFolly.com

Cool Tool: Wine Wipes

Ever heard of Wine Wipes? The perfect “cure” for red wine smiles!


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