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After our Merwida Barbera received double gold at the Michelangelo’s and gold at the Veritas, it has been selling at the fastest pace! Does stickers make such a big difference? Is it all about what prestigious wine you bring to the dinner party, or is it actually about what wine you love the most?

Wine.co.za wrote an interesting article which makes the piont that nine times out of ten those that buy for stickers, barely know the competition for which the award was given. Therefore they made a breakdown of some of the well-known and recognized awards and we would like to share it with you.

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What’s in a Sticker?


These are the Gold (you also get Double Gold which means it’s amaaazing), Silver and Bronze stickers with a Roman looking laurel. They denote one of SA’s most highly recognized wine competitions that receives on average 1750+ entries every year. The judging panel is ridiculously big with a total of 18 categories needing attention.

By their own emission, “The Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine competition in South Africa and is synonymous with excellence in wine.”

The awards get handed out at a very swanky event (it’s like the Oscars) at the beginning of October so expect to see lots of winemakers and writers tweeting about it.

Read more about Veritas here 


International Judges make this a go-to competition for SA winemakers because it means that different palates will make the judgement and compare our wines against global standards. It’s definitely a good benchmark for choosing a wine.

It’s completely self-funded, like Veritas, and has been running for 18 years. The awards ceremony is relatively low-key in terms of social media punting.

Read more about it here

Old Mutual Awards

As the name states, it is backed by Old Mutual and the chairman is renowned wine writer and judge, Michael Fridjhon.

The panel for this year’s competition consisted of three international judges and six local judges. There is always a feedback session before the awards announcement which is great for getting more information on the strongest performing categories and what SA still needs to work on.

Read more about it here

SA Top 100

Its aim is to help you buy smarter by helping you recognize SA’s best wines. 137 wineries entered this year with 491 wines entered.

Read more about it here


It started in 1978 and the Platter’s Guide continues to be one our most trusted wine guides. Their mission statement states “We’d like to encourage you to taste, buy and responsibly enjoy South African wine, and if we can help you choose a bottle to get excited about, invest in, show off with, cook up a storm over, or just enjoy for its own sake, we’d consider it job done.”

The guide makes mention of all SA wineries and the majority of them have all their wines tasted by the Platter’s judges which makes it the most comprehensive collection in the country…and an ideal companion for those who want to get out into the winelands.

The actual awards take place towards the end of the year and rewards the 5* wines as well as the winery of the year.

The stickers we see on wine bottles are usually for the 4* and 5* rated wines.

Read more about it here


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