Ridiculous or ridiculously-awesome wine glasses…

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WineFolly found these interesting wine glasses, and as they put it: “It’s up to you to decide if they are ridiculous or awesome.”

Aerating Wine Glass

Aerating Wine Glass

Aerating Wine Glass $65 (for 2)

This glass is for someone with a steady pour and a moderately short nose. While this glass is over-the-top, it does perform the function of aerating wine. Be very careful when you wash it.

Large Wine Glass Holds a Full Bottle

Large Wine Glass Holds a Full Bottle

Extra Large Wine Glass $18

When you need to convince yourself that you don’t have a problem and only drink a glass of wine. I hate to be the first to say it, but it’s time to stop being greedy and learn to share.

Black Wine Glass for Blind Tasters

Black Wine Glass for Blind Tasting

Black Wine Glass by Reidel $68

For that tough-as-nails wine friend of yours who thinks they can blind taste anything. This will definitely trip them up.

Sippy Straw Wine Glasses

Sippy Straw Wine Glasses

‘Port’ Sippers $40 (for 4)

Whoever named these glasses ‘Port sippers’ is a cunning prankster and I must commend them, because this is nothing like the actual glass. The official Port wine glass is a smaller modification of a standard wine glass that has a special divot in the stem so you always sip from the same side. You can see one here.

Red Neck Wine Glasses

Red Neck Wine Glass

Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses $10

I first spotted these in Sparks, which is where you go when you’re down on your luck in Reno, Nevada. They’re actually quite solid and well made, for a Solo cup wine glass.

Cards Against Humanity Wine Glasses

How I Feel… Etched Wine Glass

Sarcastic Wine Glass(es) $18

How many of us sit there sipping our Pinot like sophisticates while deep into the bowels of reddit or some other even darker place on the dark web. Perhaps there is a proper glass for you after all.

Mock Wine Glasses

Illusion of Wine Glasses

Double-Walled Wine Glasses $18 (for two)

The one genius part of this design is that the insulation may actually keep the wine cooler. The one downside is that the last drop collects in the foot and will splash you in the nose. Be wary, and never wear white when drinking red.

Double Walled Champagne Flutes

Double Walled Champagne Flutes $40 (for two)

This design was last spotted on Touch of Modern. The glass itself is made with borosilicate, a special type of glass with high thermal stress tolerance.

Rollable Wine Glasses

Easy-Swirl Wine Glasses

Rollable Glassware $150 (for two)

When you combine kinetic with wine glass, it usually ends in disaster. Somehow these glasses manage to wobble around a little less dangerously

Tipsy Wine Glasses

Tipsy Wine Glass

Kickstarter Project

This wine glass was prototyped with a Makerbot and funded by Kickstarter. Make it a personal challenge to see how long you can hold it upright without spilling.

Bubbly Wine Glass

Bubble Wine Glass

Glass Tank by Kouichi Okamoto $319

The glass is designed to always maintain a perfect sip. The balloon fills with air bubbles as you drink.

Melty Wine Glass

Melty Wine Glass

‘Meld’ Wine Glass $35

This is a design made of pyrex/borosilicate glass which has a high thermal resistance. If you set it down for too long, it will start to rock back and forth with increasing momentum. You may heat your wine up with your hands, but you will look real cool doing it.


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