Van Der Merwe family crest

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Have you noticed the Van Der Merwe family crest in our wine-shop or on our documents? Well we’ve decided to look a bit closer at the family crest / coat of arms.

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Analyzing the family crest / coat of arms:

  • GriffinThe griffin is a mythical creature with the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a lion. Bravery, strength, alertness and endurance. A male griffin no wings, but often horns and a spiky tail.
  • CrownAs with all crowns, is the heavenly crown a symbol of victory, sovereignty and empireIt is a visible sign of success, therefore, the term “coronation”, and its importance as decoration of the ultimate level of rank and power, wear the crown, makes a great honor.
  • Feathers: Feathers are a very common symbol in heraldry, which is not surprising when you consider that frequently during a tournament the helmet with feathers was decorated. Means willing obedience and serenity of mind.
  • HelmetIf a helmet is on a sign, it represents wisdom and security meant even strength, protection and invulnerability.


Did you know? Van der Merwe is a common Afrikaans surname, derived from the Dutch van der Merwen. It was brought to South Africa in 1661 by Hollanders in the employ of the Dutch East India Company. Van der Merwe roughly translates to “from the Merwede” in Middle Dutch.


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