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We are pleased and excited to share some articles and photos that we were featured in. Have you seen us featured somewhere else? Please send us a photo or the link to

Nothing says summer like a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc on a hot afternoon. Eduard Campbell highlights his top 5 choices from all over the Western Cape.

What a surprise! Merwida Wines is part of the breathtakingly beautiful Breedekloof Wine Route, which includes wines from the Slanghoek area, but since they’re slightly removed from the valley, the terroir is considerably different from the typical Breedekloof wine farm. As the winemaker explains, this provides for a slightly warmer climate, closer to that of Worcester. This variance in climate is exactly why I was so surprised to find such a remarkably complex Sauvignon Blanc. Layers and layers of subtle tree fruit on the nose are followed through on the palate with a firm acidity and a splendid herbaceous character. Great value!

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Kaia Wine Bar

Kaia Wine Bar offers a South African Inspired Small Plate Seasonal menu, local Meats and Cheese, Southern Hemisphere New World Wines with a focus on South African varietals and Craft Beer. They are situated in New York.

Via Twitter: @KaiaWinebar


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Meridian Prime

Meridian Prime Inc. is a New York based wine importing company. Our main specialization is import and distribution of quality products from South Africa into the United States.

Via Instagram: @MeridianPrimeWine





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