Just like wine, except it’s not…

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Via article on whaleoil.co.nz

What comes to mind when you think of a “wine-based product”? Something like wine-soap, or wine liqueur, or wine ice-cream maybe – nope. Wine-based wine.

While looking for something to drink in a liquor shop in Australia, watch out for the “not-so-wine”-wine conveniently placed next to all the “wine-wine”..

Shoppers are being ‘misled’ by supermarkets selling ‘wine based drink’ which is only 75% wine in bottles that look like the real thing.

The labels show that the ‘wine based drinks’ are not proper wine, with experts calling on producers to come clean about what else goes into the drink.

Industry guidelines state that any drink containing less than 75% wine must be described as a ‘wine based drink’, but suppliers do not have to say what the rest is, other than sulphur dioxide or any allergens.

I especially like the fact that they don’t have to explain what the other 25% is.  Could as well be lighter fluid or anti-freeze.

Should we start dividing our wine racks into “Wine based wine” and “Real Wine”?

Perhaps with the egg and milk in the ingredients, it should be shelved in the dairy section?

‘I suspect the other 25% is water, but it could be unfermented grape must which would be better as at least that’s in wine,’ he added.

‘The so-called wine is highly misleading and it’s bad for the wine industry. It damages the industry’s integrity.

Although flavoured wine and wine based wine, is not a big deal in South Africa, we do have a great example of how to make these “wine based” products work, namely Arniston Bay’s Infusions range. But we have to confess, the names “Arniston Bay Graviola and Passion Fruit Infusion” and “Arniston Bay Mint Aloe and Lemongrass Infusion”, sounds A LOT better (and less than pure wine) than “Arniston Bay Red”.

Is it a ridiculous thought to create such products, or are we just too used to our “normal” wines, you know, WINE-wines? The originals…

Whether you are set in your (drinking) ways, or keen to try these products, we think that selling it as “Australian Red” or “Australian White”, is just pushing it a bit too far in trying to get the customer to buy it. What a disappointment it would be if you open the bottle and get a strange rotten egg smell, just to find out that it really does contain eggs…

Our chickens shall not eat our grapes…



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