Then the wine snob said…

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Maybe you are one, or you have a friend who is one, or you want to become one… Well, we’ve found some quirky things that would make you look like a wine snob:


  • “Point your pinkie and keep your posture straight. Looking pretentious gets you 50 percent of the way there.” — Ian Wong
  • “Take a small first sip, and comment on the taste, noting that the first taste will likely be sour.” — Ian Wong
  • “Mention tannins for a Cabernet, Merlot, or Pinot Noir. Mention pepper anytime a Zinfandel is in play.” — Ryan Sholin
  • “Complain that it doesn’t even remotely compare to the 2009 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley (estimated $1,850 per bottle).” — Ryan Lum
  • “Bring your own stemware to be a champion douche bag.” — John Smartz
  • “Name a berry or cherry.” — Ryan Sholin (use the scientific name for extra points)
  • “Name a wood.” — Ryan Sholin
  • “Smell the cork . . . Take a long deep smell, then follow it with a slight look of displeasure and annoyance while you curtly ask for a new bottle as this one has been corked.” —Andrew Gutsch
  • “Order a wine from the wine list that specifies a particular vintage . . . and then . . . proceed to say, ‘I specifically selected the 2006 as it’s a far superior vintage in my view.'” —Mike Millar

Click here to find out if you are a wine snob…


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