Autumn in the Vineyard

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We are so amazed at the rate the vineyards are changing colour! From a picturesque green and blue view, it is quickly changing to orange, red, yellow and grey – but still so beautiful! Now we are just waiting for that white lining on the mountain peaks!

To fit the beautiful picture from Casian Johnson Wright, we found this poem written by Andy-Anna

Merwida-low res

Autumn In The Vineyard

 Replenishing their nutrients
dormant they become
as harvest Is over
the fruits of our labour
exhaust the vines.

Like a snake shedding It’s skin
the vines begin dropping leaves
transforming from green to orange
with some turning reddish

A delicate breeze passes by
removing those last leaves
just barely hanging on
they drop and scatter
around my feet

As my working days end
I look over my shoulder
to see the vineyard
laying dormant
waiting for the season to
bring back It’s life cycle.


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