At what age should it be legal to drink?

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Recently, the legal drinking age in South Africa has become a point of discussion after the state proposed that it be raised to from 18 to 21.


Johannesburg – A raft of alcohol control measures intended to curb South Africans’ rampant alcohol abuse, published in the Government Gazette, will bring major changes to the way we live and entertain ourselves. 

If the proposals are enacted, it will signal constraints, if not the end of our booze and braai culture, and the casual acceptance of drinking and driving.

It will have a huge impact on major sports codes and teams, including for Bafana Bafana and the Proteas, who are supported by substantial sponsorships from SA Breweries (SAB) and others. Sporting codes stand to lose billions in alcohol sponsorships, which also extend to music and fashion.

The proposals in the Liquor Policy Review, a discussion document, start with an attempt to restrict the sale of liquor to the youth by raising the legal age of access from 18 to 21.

A crucial element is giving new powers to restrict advertising of alcohol and prohibit the promotion of liquor through sponsorships of sports teams and entertainment events.

The proposals aim to crack down on thousands of unlicenced shebeens and taverns by punishing suppliers for enabling high levels of inebriation.

But will this decrease the number of drunken teenagers? Think back to when you were still in school – did you concern yourself with the legal drinking age, or did you try alcohol without thinking about your age?

We found this map that indicates the different countries and their legal drinking age:

Alkoholersterwerbsalter (Weltweit)2.svg


Please share your thoughts on this subject or vote NO if you disagree with the change.



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