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Who is Profumi D’Italia Marketing?

Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC specializes in importing a range of quality Grappa & Prosecco products from Italy, including a spectrum of exquisite-tasting Pure Alexander Grappa, Bottega Chocolate Grappa Liqueurs, Bottega Fruit Grappa Liqueurs, Bottega Prosecco and Sparkling wines with a special focus on the BOTTEGA brand.

We are also now the proud importers of the Ramazzotti brand comprising of the Ramazotti Amaro, White and Black Sambuca.

Importing these well-established international brands into South Africa was the brainchild of Franco Vignazia the Director of Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC in South Africa during 2005 who was then joined by his daughter Giuliana in June 2008.

A traditional Italian family business was born  with all the passion and fire focused on sourcing premium quality products of  Italian Grappa and Prosecco.

Franco & Giuliana spend much time introducing the South African consumer to the world of Italian Grappa, its digestive health benefits and modes of enjoyment e.g. Grappa and Dark Chocolate as an ideal combination for an after dinner pleasure.

With the Italian & South African family backgrounds we are also able to identify what the South African market requires and supply premium Italian and South African products.

Sales & Distribution Network

Profumi started the distribution and sales of the Bottega brand in Western Cape with two sales representatives in January 2006. In 2008 Giuliana Vignazia (Franco’s daughter) joined the company and thus they started to expand the sales and distribution of the range throughout South Africa. From 2008 to 2011 distribution and warehouse depots were set up throughout South Africa with a sales team at each depot. In June 2012 Profumi took over the distribution of the Ramazzotti brands from Pernod Ricard South Africa (PTY) Ltd giving the range the focus of Italian expertise and ingenuity. In October 2014 we have started the distribution of a locally produced Limoncello (One Naughty Lemon) with a view to supporting and growing the range of  excellent local  products.

At present the company operates sales and distribution in the following regions:

  1. Western Cape
  2. Gauteng
  3. Kwazulu Natal
  4. Port Elizabeth & East London

Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC  imports and distributes our brands throughout South Africa via a well connected network of warehouses and distributors. We have our own dedicated sales team and independent agents throughout South Africa which promotes and sells our premium brands to the On and Off consumption markets.

We are well established with all the major retailers in South Africa eg Pick n Pay, Makro, Shoprite Checkers, Spar & Tops, Picardi Rebel, Ultra, Blue Bottle Liquors as well as the independent liquor stores.

We are also supplying the premium On consumption market (Bars, Restaurants,Hotels,etc ) with our specialist insight and knowledge into the world of Italian liquors and grappa allowing us to identify and achieve targeted results.


  • The BOTTEGA brand: The BOTTEGA brand is the result of the work of three generations of Italians involved in the world of wine and grappa.  Distilleria Bottega is the company  located at Bibano di Godega S.U (TV), 45 km from Venice and a short drive from Conegliano Veneto, the romantic  capital of the Prosecco growing region and the throbbing heart of the tradition of Grappa. The premises are located in a large, 19th century farmstead surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards.
  • The RAMAZZOTTI brand: 1815… the beginning .  The first Italian bitter was blended and created by the expert hands of founder Ausano Ramazzotti.This new, pleasant, spicy yet sweet drink soon became a favourite of the high society.
  • Ramazzotti is the first Italian bitter in the world, distributed in over 30 countries.
  • The entire range delivers premium quality Ramazzotti  Amaro as well as White & Black Sambuca
  • One Naughty Lemon: Leveraging his knowledge and family history in the manufacture of liqueurs in Sicily, Giuseppe Lagattuta  created the first proudly locally produced Limoncello  produced in the Western Cape with local South African lemons  and sugar cane alcohol
  • Il Mallo: Il Caffe  “Il Mallo”, excellence of the Modena(Italy) area, the land where the Ferrari car was born , evolves from the passion of three generations united by the art of producing liquors in respect of family recipes, from the selection of raw materials to customer service. Il Mallo brand now brings you the Ferrari of coffee liqueurs with “ IL CAFFE”.
  • Merwida: In 1840 Willem Petrus Van Der Merwe laid down family roots in the fertile soil of the Breede River Valley. This terroir is well suited to the production of superbly structured wines that take advantage of the temperate climate.  The wines made from selected vineyard blocks, capture the essence of this magical terroir and are nurtured through the winemaking process.

What does this collaboration mean for private customers?

More Merwida wines in your area! Yes, you will be seeing more Merwida wines in selected shops in your area, or at least a lot closer. You can still request quotations or place orders directly from us, and we will work out the delivery costs for you.

What about the licensed re-sellers?

All licensed re-sellers or traders who are interested in adding our wines to their list, can contact Profumi D’Italia Marketing at 021 554 4831 or ga@profumiditalia.co.za.


We are very excited about our new distributor and trust that they will help our wines reach more clients so that you can share our brand and make more memories with friends and family!


For further information please contact:

Giuliana Abrahamse

Marketing & Operations Director

Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC

Ph 021-5544831 Fax 021-5545069

Cell: 0798740856



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