Mr. Robot, the Winemaker

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Technology is making everyday tasks easier and quicker, and the wine industry is no exception. The new invention is a robot that takes care of all the processes transforming grapes into wine.

The Italian wine researchers Enosis Meraviglia are making a bold attempt to dominate the world of wine production through the introduction of the Genesis wine robot, which will be responsible for the initial stage of producing wine.


“In order to beat the world competition it is necessary to aim for exclusiveness. In order to achieve exclusivity it is essential to acquiesce to research, as only with the aid of research can we secure and value the exclusivity of tradition,” says the statement on the official website of the winery.

To do this the company decided to turn the initial stages of its wine production over to robots.

The Genesis wine robot, created by wine-maker Donato Lanati, the founder of the company’s research center, looks like it’s come straight from the Star Wars set. It is a metal tank with numerous sensors and antennas attached to it.

The tank is able to store up to 200 kilograms of grapes, from which is will make 100 liters of wine for further processing.

The robot weighs the grapes, squeezes them and measures how much juice it creates. The scientists say that according to the information Genesis gives it, they can learn much about the variety of the grape and the region it comes from.

The initial raw wine produced by the robot further ferments in a so-called “psychedelic laboratory”, a sort of incubator, so-called due to the numerous colored lamps placed inside it.

The laboratory maintains the right temperature needed to process the wine and has special equipment inside which constantly gathers information on its biochemistry.

After this, the wine is aged in a special dark, chilled cellar.

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