Papenkuils Wetland

Conservation in Action

Merwida Winery, situated in the beautiful Breedekloof valley, borders a rare biodiversity hotspot. This biodiversity hotspot, also known as the Papenkuils wetland, is home to over 120 different indigenous plant species. Seven of these plants are Red Listed and the wetland supports some of the largest remaining known populations of the vulnerable miniature waterblommetjie and the endangered vlei vygie. Due to its high ecological value, UNESCO and WWF have defined the area as a priority site with a high conservation status and it is an irreplaceable ecological cornerstone to conservation efforts in the Western Cape.

Merwida Winery is proud to announce that they are supporting the conservation efforts taking place to preserve the rare inhabitants of this wetland. As WWF Conservation Champions (following from the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative), Merwida has set aside large parts of the wetland to protect the area from development and make sure the area can be enjoyed by present and future generations alike.

This spring, Merwida is taking another leap towards the protection of the Papenkuils Wetland by supporting a group of young conservationists, who are working to protect the endangered flora and fauna of the wetland. Lyndre Nel, Roderick Juba, Michelle Duncan and Ingeborg Mägi, who have recently won the Conservation Leadership Program’s Future Conservationist Award have been planting shrub buffer zones around the wetland using the sustainable Cocoon planting technology (produced by the Land Life Company). The Cocoon technology helps to conserve valuable water and enables higher survival rates in tree and shrub plantings efforts in challenging conditions. As a result, these buffer zones will mitigate the impact of surrounding activities on the threatened flora of the wetland and provide habitat and breeding ground for various wetland species.

By supporting the next generation of conservationist, Merwida is making sure that the beauty of this wetland can be enjoyed by many more generations to come.

The ongoing conservation and protection of the Papenkuils wetland is fronted by WWF-SA, CapeNature, the Western Cape Government, Living Lands and the Land Life Company.

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