Get to know Barbera!

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Barbera Wine Profile



FRUIT: Dark Cherry, Dried Strawberry, Plum, Blackberry
OTHER: Violet, Lavender, Dried Leaves, Incense, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Anise
OAK: Yes. Large neutral oak casks.
AGEABILITY: Traditionally enjoyed within 2-4 years.
Barbare, Barbera d’Alba, Barbera d’Aosta, Barbera Sarda, Barbera d’Asti, Barbera del Monferrato





The Taste of Barbera Wine

Mish-Mash Flavor Somehow Barbera wine tastes both rich and light-bodied. Why is that? Well, one reason is that it has dark staining pigments that dye the wine to near-black. However, the taste of Barbera has notes of strawberry and sour cherry: flavors synonymous with light-bodied wines. Light tannin and high acidity make it taste ‘Juicy’. Most of the Barbera you’ll find is from Italy which leans towards more herbaceous flavors, you can see the differences below.


Barbera Food Pairing


Complementary Pairing

Wines and foods that are single-noted can be made whole when put together. With Barbera wines try rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like blue cheese, higher tannin foods like root vegetables & braised greens. The idea here is that the bright acidity in the wine will make a rich fatty or high tannin dish complete.

Congruent Pairing

Match the flavors within Barbera to make them stand out. Try sour cherry, sage, anise, cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg, citrus and the Morrocan spice blend called Ras el Hanout.

Regional Pairing

Monferrato’s regional dishes include: tajarin pasta, Guinea fowl and porcini stew and carne all’albese (a Piemontese version of steak tartare with parmesan, olive oil and rocket.)

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Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2015

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Michelangelo 2015

After a successful three days of the Cape Wine expo, we are proud to announce our 2015 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards results:

  • DOUBLE GOLD – Barbera 2014
  • DOUBLE GOLD – White Muscadel 2014
  • SILVER – Pinot Grigio 2015

PS: Double gold means 94% – 98% by the entire panel!

Lieza van der Merwe and Sarel van Staden


Worcester/Breedekloof Young Wine Show

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Barbera for the win!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ockie Strydom, Magnus Kriel, Lieza van der Merwe, Sarel van Staden.

The 2015 Barbera claimed the Strydom Rewinders Trophee for class winner of the “other red” category at this year’s Worcester/Breedekloof Young Wine Show.

Please note that the Young Wine Show is for bulk wines, and not necessarily wines that gets bottled.

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WineStyle’s Merwida wine selections

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We have been featured in WineStyle’s December selection:

Wine Curious – White


Noble Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Mad Hatters Roussanne Grenache Blanc, Lion Creek Chenin Sav Blanc, Merwida Chardonnay, Rustenberg Ida’s White, Alvi’s Drift Viognier

Wine Enthusiast- White


Merwida Sav Blanc, Remohoogte Chenin, Andy Mitchell Walker Bay Chenin, De Meye Unwooded Chardonnay, Lam White

Wine Guru – Red


Arra Pinotage, Joostenberg Family Blend Red, Clos Malverne Le Café Pinotage, Merwida Barbera, Vondeling Cabernet, Uva Mira Cab Merlot

Sold Out

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sold out 2

Sad News…

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Our award-winning Merwida Barbera 2012, was so popular with its double-gold Michelangelo and gold Veritas awards, that it is



We are so sorry, BUT we are pleased to announce that the 2013 Barbera will be available early December…

Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to make sure that you do not miss the launch…


Michelangelo International Wine Awards

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We are proud to announce our results of this year’s Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards:

  • Merwida Barbera 2012 – Gran d’or Double Gold
  • Merwida Pinotage 2011 – Gold
  • Merwida Sauvignon Blanc 2014 – Silver

What is the #MiwaAwards about:

The Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards was established 18 years ago as the only international wine competition in Africa. The competition is unique in South Africa,as all judges are invited wine experts from Europe, the USA, Australia, the UK and Asia. Since the start of the Michelangelo, more than 160 different judges (239 in total over the period) from 42 countries have served on the panels.

We annually receive around 1500 entries from South Africa and other wine, brandy and liqueur-producers around the globe.

The competition has also experienced exceptional support among local producers (and increasingly from international producers) and is considered one of the top wine contests in South Africa with high credibility, transparency and post-event marketing value both locally and abroad.

Click here for all the results of this year’s awards ceremony

Our next competition results, the Veritas, will be released on 4 October 2014…