Super Soetes & Soup 2016

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We had a great time at this year’s Soetes & Soup festival, and we hope you did too!

We would like to thank the following people who made the event even better:

And of course, all who supported us – we hope to see you again soon!

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Worcester/Breedekloof Young Wine Show

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Barbera for the win!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ockie Strydom, Magnus Kriel, Lieza van der Merwe, Sarel van Staden.

The 2015 Barbera claimed the Strydom Rewinders Trophee for class winner of the “other red” category at this year’s Worcester/Breedekloof Young Wine Show.

Please note that the Young Wine Show is for bulk wines, and not necessarily wines that gets bottled.

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Successfully souped!

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The dust has settled and the crowds are gone…

Soetes & Soup

We want to thank everyone who joined us during this year’s Soetes & Soup festival in the Breedekloof Valley! All tickets was sold out by the Friday and we could not have asked for a better crowd! Please have a look at our Facebook Page for photos of the festival and let us know if you enjoyed it…

The Breedekloof Chenin Blanc Initiative

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We are proud to be part of the Breedekloof Chenin Blanc initiative. Our new wooded Chenin Blanc is making a name for itself and although it is a first time for us to add a Chenin to our wine list, the feedback has been amazing!

MERWIDA CheninBlanc 14

Here are two articles that features the initiative:

Over the years the Breedekloof Wine Valley has established itself as an area for slow ripening vines. Key to this is the late bud break and long hanging time on the vines.

The geography, climate, mountains, rivers and varied geology all contribute to a unique winemaking potential and this has essentially established the area as the home of South African Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blanc represents 18% of all South Africa’s vineyards and the Breedekloof Wine Valley has 15% of all Chenin Blanc plantings and supplies 21% or one-fifth of all the wine made from Chenin in South Africa.

The varietal has found its true home in this region, with deep alluvial soils containing smooth river pebbles, which is ideally suited to Chenin Blanc. Chenin Blanc is probably the world’s most versatile variety, ideally suited to many wine styles. This has prompted the Breedekloof winemakers to produce small quantities of Chenin Blanc using innovative winemaking methods and expressing terroirs, especially old vineyards, which has resulted in the Breedekloof Chenin Blanc Initiative.

Nine wineries, all members of the Breedekloof Wine Route, form part of this exciting collaboration, and have all launched a 2014 vintage into the market:

  • Bergsig Estate: Chenin Blanc Reserve
  • Botha Cellar: Barrel Fermented Bush Vine Chenin Blanc
  • Breeland: Chenin Blanc
  • Deetlefs Estate: Reserve Chenin Blanc
  • Goudini Wines: Mirabilis Regis-filia Chenin Blanc
  • Lateganskop: Zahir Chenin Blanc
  • Merwida: Chenin Blanc
  • Opstal Estate: Carl Everson Chenin Blanc
  • uniWines Vineyards: Daschbosch Steen

Still in its infancy the initiative has already received positive feedback and support from industry influencers such as Ken Forrester and Tim Atkin MW.

“We’re thrilled about this initiative as we’ve found that by focusing on Chenin Blanc we are able to lift the image of the entire Breedekloof Wine Valley and the various styles of wines produced. Although each winery was left to use their own discretion, expertise and experience in producing a Chenin Blanc true to their nature, the initiative encouraged camaraderie and info sharing amongst the role-players. The round table discussions are imperative as they help raise the profile of the area as well as promote superb quality wines from the Breedekloof Wine Valley,” says Breedekloof Wine & Tourism CEO, Melody Botha.

For more information contact +27.23 349 1791 or visit

Before this tasting Breedekloof was totally off my radar. So it was great to catch up with three Breedekloof guys, Pieter Cronje, De Wet Lategan and Attie Loew to hear about a new Chenin Blanc initiative in the region.

Breedekloof is a relatively undiscovered area. You reach it by going through Paarl, through the tunnel in the mountain, and then it’s the first region you get to as the valley opens out, before you get to Worcester and Robertson. It has one-fifth of South Africa’s Chenin plantings. It’s a narrow part of the valley so the mountains have an influence. It also has more rain than neighbouring regions (twice that of Paarl, three times that of Robertson). Soils are washed out sand and sandstone with pebbles.

It’s an old agricultural area, with vineyards being planted here since 1840. It’s now pretty much dedicated to vines. 90% of the farms are farmed by the owners, and 80% of these are third generation or older. There’s late bud break after cold winters, and harvesting is quite late, in the later part of March, under moderate conditions.

This Breedekloof Chenin initiative started last year. Participating wineries were asked to do something different, to expess Chenin’s different personalities. The only rule was that they had to make at least three barrels, the minimum required by competitions. So they did things like use older blocks, play with wild ferments, use skin contact, lees work and so on.

breedekloof chenin

There are 25 wineries in the region, ranging from small producers to large co-ops. Nine took part, and these are their wines.

Deetleefs Reserve Chenin Blanc 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Old vines, 1300 bottles made. Textured and broad but still fresh with lovely white peach and pear fruit. Real finess here. Subtle creaminess and hints of cheese with nice texture and freshness. 92/100

Merwida Chenin Blanc 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Very taut and fresh with some tangerine and pear fruit, as well as some spiciness. Textured, and in need of some time for the oak to settle down. 91/100

Dasch Bosch Steen 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Lots of lees contact here, fermented and aged in old oak. Lovely complex marmalade, spice and pear aromatics. Has some nuts and honey on the palate. Real complexity here with some oxidative notes, and hints of cheese and herbs. 92/100

Goudini Cellar Mirabilis regis-filia Chenin Blanc 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Rich, bold and spicy with peach and pear fruit. Powerful and rich with some warmth from the alcohol (14.5% alcohol). A bit oily. 87/100

Botha Kelder Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc Bush Vine 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Nice spiciness. Lovely supple broad pear and peach fruit with nice texture and depth. Bold with nice fruit quality. 90/100

Bergsig Chenin Blanc Reserve 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Lovely nose of grapefruit and tangerine with sweet spicy herby notes. Textural and quite fine with a nice spiciness. Warm nutty notes and lovely depth, as well as a hint of vanilla. 92/100

Breëland Chenin Blanc Royal 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
Complex and lively with tangerine, spice, lemon and apricot notes. Fresh and complex with nice pear and ripe apple fruit. Complex, lively and focused. 93/100

Opstal Estate Carl Everson Chenin Blanc 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
30 year old vines, wild ferment, old French oak. Lively and complex with nice pear and peach fruit showing some spiciness. Lovely density: warm but fresh with nice complexity and depth. 92/100

Lateganskop The Zahir 2014 Breedekloof, South Africa
From 21 year old bush vines. Very complex with a herby, cabbagey edge and fresh tangerines and spice, as well as some lemon fruit. Complex, distinctive and bright with a vivid personality. 91/100

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Have you tried the Chenin’s in the area yet and what are your thoughts?

Autumn in the Vineyard

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We are so amazed at the rate the vineyards are changing colour! From a picturesque green and blue view, it is quickly changing to orange, red, yellow and grey – but still so beautiful! Now we are just waiting for that white lining on the mountain peaks!

To fit the beautiful picture from Casian Johnson Wright, we found this poem written by Andy-Anna

Merwida-low res

Autumn In The Vineyard

 Replenishing their nutrients
dormant they become
as harvest Is over
the fruits of our labour
exhaust the vines.

Like a snake shedding It’s skin
the vines begin dropping leaves
transforming from green to orange
with some turning reddish

A delicate breeze passes by
removing those last leaves
just barely hanging on
they drop and scatter
around my feet

As my working days end
I look over my shoulder
to see the vineyard
laying dormant
waiting for the season to
bring back It’s life cycle.

Promotion: 13-20 December 2014

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Please note: This promotion is only available at the wine cellar.

Sangria Promotion


Other promotions in the Breedekloof area:

Brut in your Boot

Soetes & Soup 2014

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This year’s Soetes & Soup festival was once again a huge success despite the bad weather.

Friday’s furious storm did not seem to bother our guests as they started their festival route just a few minutes after 9am. Throughout the day people gathered in troops inside the cozy lantern lit cellar.

Saturday the weather looked up and our parking started to fill up nicely. With only a few light showers, people started enjoying themselves under our tent and blankets. Inside the cellar guests could taste the marvelous range of Merwida wines while listening to the wonderful sounds of Take Note Music. Here is a small taste of what you missed out on. Our White Muscadel was a big winner and was sold out by Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to all who came out to join us for the Soetes & Soup! A special thanks to all the staff, Bean to Coffee, and Take Note Music. We hope to see you again next year!

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