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Red Wine Stains – new fashion statement

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It’s almost time for the new year’s party and you spilled some red wine on your favourite shirt. Not to worry, you might just be the most fashionable at the party!



Anyone who’s ever spilled red wine on their shirt (or their pants or their tie or their carpet or all of the above in one glorious night) knows that few things can be harder to get out of a fabric. Now, winemaker Robert Mondavi is offering up wine-dyed clothing where the staining is done for you.

In a collaboration between the California wine giant and Crawford Denim, wine lovers can purchase the Vinter Shirt, a denim shirt featuring “collar and cuffs lined in red cotton dyed with Robert Mondavi Private Selection Heritage Red Blend 2013” – for a mere $135.

As the Daily Dish points out, a bottle of the Heritage Red Blend retails for just $13, so what you’re paying for isn’t so much the bragging rights of a rare wine stain, but for a shirt hand-made with artisanal denim and then hand-dyed to create that red wine flair. The wine only imparts color anyway. So in our opinion there’s really no reason to open up the reserve cellar to fill out your wardrobe.

Watch the video here