Chicken Saltimbocca with Sauvignon Blanc

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What can you do with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and some chicken breasts? Why not try this easy recipe, but be sure to enjoy some wine while making it 😉

Chicken Saltimbocca (sahl-teem-BOH-kah) consists of chicken breasts that are sauteed and layered with slices of prosciutto, fresh sage leaves, and fontina cheese, served over a sauce of pan drippings, white wine and butter.  Saltimbocca is a classic Roman dish that is traditionally made with veal. The word ‘saltimbocca’ literally translates to ‘jump in the mouth’, no doubt referring to the complexity of flavors in this dish.


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper
4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
4 tablespoons butter, divided
120g thinly sliced prosciutto or ham
Fresh sage leaves
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup dry white wine or Merwida Sauvignon Blanc


Slice each chicken breast horizontally to create 2 pieces.  Place each piece between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and pound until about 1/4-inch thick. Season the cutlets with salt and pepper.

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of butter in a large skillet over medium-high meat.  Sauté half of the chicken, 2-3 minutes on one side, turn, and sauté 2-3 minutes on the other side.  Transfer to a broiler-safe dish and repeat with remaining chicken.  Place 1-2 slices of prosciutto on each of the chicken cutlets.  Place 1-2 sage leaves on top of the prosciutto, then top with some of the fontina cheese.  Place under a broiler to melt the cheese, 2-3 minutes.

Add the remaining 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the flour to the skillet, scraping up the pan drippings as you stir the flour.  Allow the flour to cook for 1-2 minutes until it turns a light caramel brown.  Add the wine and stir to blend with the flour.  Stir in the remaining 3 tablespoons of butter; stir to combine into a smooth sauce.  Pour the sauce onto a serving platter.  Place the chicken cutlets on the sauce.  Garnish with additional sage leaves, if desired.

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Love is in the air

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It is that time of the year again – the day of love – Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are on your own, with friends, or with the love of your life, why not enjoy wine-tasting in the Breedekloof valley? You might be very, very lucky…


How it works:

With every 6-bottle box purchase, you get the chance to pick one out of 48 heart placed behind our counter. Behind each heart lies a mystery prize that will not make you leave empty-handed! Remember, one box equals one chance, so be sure to better your chances whilst enjoying Merwida’s wines!


How to install new tanks in 10 (not so easy) steps

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Here at Merwida Wine Cellar we have been very busy preparing and upgrading for the 2015 harvest season. We have demolished our very old cement tanks, and made space for new ones to ensure that we make the best of the grapes that come in. We want to thank everyone who has been part of this adventure – although we still have a lot to do before the harvest, we know this upgrade will definitely help!

Just to take you back to where it all began:


10 Step to install new tanks into your cellar:

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Does your star sign influence your wine preference?

Posted on recently investigated the following question:

Could it be possible that our wine preferences are based on genetic dispositions?

Dave March discusses that early on in our wine drinking lives we develop likes and dislikes. he for instance do not normally taste Rosé because “there lurks still a feeling of them being sugary, silly, girly drinks. Could it be, though, that our likes are not just whimsical; that our personalities are the drivers here?”

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It’s obvious who the Viognier drinkers are. Extroverts, full of life, doers rather than thinkers. These drinkers enjoy sensual pleasures; they speak without thinking and act on impulse. Viognier is for the outgoing Sagittarian and essential for the Capricorn drinker, who prefers a confident, opinionated partner and who, like Viognier, can be clumsy and ill defined. Capricorns and Viognier both have personalities that can make them loners, but not alone. Elvis Presley was a Capricorn, a showman and the definition of a Viognier.

Sauvignon Blanc drinkers, however, are serious, reflective people. Their decisions are thoughtful, and careful; definitely Taurean’s. They have tremendous self-control and maintain a distance from the brashness and loudness of Viognier lovers. Cerebral types, these drinkers enjoy nothing more than a Mozart concert at Kirstenbosch followed by an early night with a good book (Shakespeare was a Taurean). When they enjoy Sauvignon they enjoy it intensely and become very loyal.

Libran’s will love Riesling. The Libran doesn’tjudge a book by its cover and will find beauty where others won’t (think Oscar Wilde). They will appreciate Riesling’s unique qualities, it’s calm and understated quality and the fact that it appears in so many guises. Librans and Riesling will enjoy a good time together without going overboard. Riesling is for the artists where ‘beauty is in the eye..’

Aries and Leo’s will relate to the confidence, warmth, generosity and sheer ‘in your faceness’ of Shiraz; less so of Syrah, a more subtle, sleek and less brash style. No, the extravagant muscularity and no-nonsense of a 15% Shiraz will be right up their street. Like them, Shiraz knows it is the centre of attention. Like Shiraz, their only flaw may be a tendency to put on excess weight due to overindulgence, they appreciate a wine that demands attention and wins many awards; drink with fellow Ariens Andy Warhol and Madonna, nothing shy there.

Sagittarians will need a bit more intelligence from their wine, so if it is red it has to be Cabernet Sauvignon. They can be silly and easy going, but can also be intense and driven. Sagittarians appreciate effort and intensity and in Cabernet look for depth of personality, resolute will and layers of complexity. Imagine the conversation you could have over a bottle of Le Riche with fellows Woody Allen and Nostradamus.

Aquarian’s will look for the ‘Fair Trade’ symbol on a bottle, or head for the Organic Wine section. Heaven for them is knowing that R2 of the bottle they bought will be going straight to an humanitarian cause. It’s more important than the wine itself to them, suffering in the world is not the remit of any one variety, so they will spread their love among the shelves and enjoy the good that will come from it. Perhaps they could spread the love with Yoko Ono.

Scorpio’s might prefer Merlot, or an unobtrusive wine from the bargain shelf. They like their wines to be submissive, like their partners, and don’t expect to have to work hard at it. They want a passive, uncomplicated wine to balance their dominant personality and in keeping with their risk taking will not hesitate to pluck that obscure red blend or Ruby Cabernet. The sting in their tale is being able to switch from brand to brand, dropping the bottle enjoyed last week for something new this week. Politicians will like Merlot’s inoffensive qualities and ability to be all things to all people.

Pisces and Virgo and Pinot Noir; a perfect match. Pisces can often seem disconnected and detached, they may lose direction and be easily hurt. Albert Einstein was a Piscean: exactly. Like Pinot Noir, Pisces are very site-sensitive. They need to live where they feel safe and confident or they can become reticent and withdrawn. They need to be with people who believe in them and enjoy their unusual qualities. In the right place with the right people Pisces and Pinot Noir can be outgoing, deep and rewarding and immensely enjoyable. Virgo people are always analysing themselves, often lack confidence and like Pinot Noir are always seeking perfection. Virgos and Pinot Noir have expectations which often exceed their grasp.

It has to be Chardonnay for Cancerians. They trust its reliability and consistency and always depend on it to deliver. Chardonnay is comforting and undemanding, it’s always there; life’s security blanket. It will always provide succour to their changing moods and like them, may cast a jealous eye to the brazenness of lesser varietals or more fancy beverages. Finding their favourite brand when away will always remind them of home.

It’s probably Geminis who are behind the upsurge in sales of Rosé wine, especially made from Pinotage. It’s perfect for their split personality. One week they may startle friends by ordering a bottle of Pinotage Rosé with a meal; totally in-keeping with their wacky sense of humour, the next week order a 15% Pinotage revelling in its massive fruit and tannins. The next, order a Pinotage Cape Vintage, chilled, as an aperitif. Geminis love the dichotomy and the effect it has on others, of course, they will probably forget to finish the wine.

So, if there is any link between your personality and wine it may be in the stars. Personally, I think the deciding factor is more likely to be in the mouth and in the pocket.

We tend to agree with the last statement: “the deciding factor is more likely to be in the mouth and in the pocket” – what do you think?

Signs you drink too much wine

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Are you drinking too much wine? Here are some signs that might give you the answer…

Source: BuzzFeed

When the clock strikes 5, you’re like:

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

It’s wine time, baby.

Red, white, sparkling? You don’t discriminate.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

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Bottled? Boxed? You’re not picky.

Bottled? Boxed? You're not picky.

NBC / Via

Hey, everyone needs love.

You bring your own personal bottle to all social gatherings.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

CBS / Via

You have enough corks lying around to make one of these:

You have enough corks lying around to make one of these:

(And probably a matching ottoman too.)

You worry about your neighbors judging your recycling bin.

You worry about your neighbors judging your recycling bin.

Flickr: jamescridland / Via Flickr / James Cridland

Using wine as an IV drip sounds perfectly fine to you.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

NBC / Via

You want to be best friends with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

NBC / Via

You know that no good story can be told without a full glass.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

You don’t understand how people are able to keep wine cellars.

You don't understand how people are able to keep wine cellars.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Look at all of the wine they could be drinking!

You think to yourself, Maybe just a half a glass more.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

AMC / Via

You often wake up with purple-stained lips.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

Logo / Via

You and your friends know exactly what your plans entail.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

You never let a drop go to waste.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

Universal Pictures / Via

Because that’s a sin.

So grab a glass, and fill ‘er up.

25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

HBO / Via

Because wine is made from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit is good for you.

Because wine is made from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit is good for you.

NBC / Via
25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine

The Perfect Wine Guide

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The following is not the full infographic. Please visit for the full version.


Wine lovers and their frustrations

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We all have that group of friends who are just not as big of a wine fan as you, and just don’t understand all there is to wine. Yes, we are speaking of the friend who buys you a bottle of your least favourite cultivar, and the cheapest brand. shared “15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover” and we loved it so much, we just had to share it! Here are some of our favourites, but click here to see the full post.

1. Someone drinks your special wine when you’re not around.



3. Finding a wine you love and then finding out it’s sold out.

Learn tactics for buying wine in 4 wine buying tips everyone should know



4. Never having enough space for food in your fridge.



5. Showing off your wine collection makes you feel like a schmuck.

Is your wine worth cellaring?



6. Storing a bottle for years and finding out it’s gone horribly bad.

What wines last the longest? Find out in 4 traits of wines that age well



10. You just don’t know how to react when people accuse you of being a wine snob.

What type of wine drinker are you? Check out these 10 types of wine drinkers



13. Your coworkers look down at you when you drink a glass of wine at lunch.

How about some ammo in your defense. Here’s a great article about wine and your health



14. You just don’t understand how people can get away with drinking crappy wine.



15. No matter how you imagine it,


too much wine is a bad thing.


Great News!

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May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? Will the real White Muscadel please stand up? I repeat, will the real White Muskadel please stand up?


Our 2014 Merwida White Muscadel is now available!

Not in the Breedekloof area? Contact us for a quote and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep!


Merwida celebrates National Women’s Day

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NationalWomensDayNational Women’s Day is an annual public holiday in South Africa on 9 August. This commemorates the national march of women on this day in 1956 to petition against the pass laws that required South Africans defined as “black” by The Population Registration Act to carry a ‘”pass,” an internal passport that severely restricted their movement. Each “pass” designated specific urban/metropolitan areas in which the bearer was authorized to live, work and travel. Within such areas, black South Africans were required to carry and produce their “pass” at all times, and were arrested if without one. As such, it served to maintain population segregation, control urbanisation, and manage migrant labour during the apartheid era.